Saturday, October 31, 2009

The End of Halloween Night......

To end our Halloween night it was Trick or Treat for the wee-one. New Oxford is known for it's beautiful historic homes and antique shops. This display out front of the Center Square Antique Center just caught my eye. Beautiful!
Hope you all had a Happy Halloween~
Until next time, stay safe and warm in your cozy homes.
Here is Judy or Mrs. Cat......her new holiday displays are gorgeous!! If you haven't stopped in her shop yet you are certainly missing out!! Thank you Judy for a fun afternoon! And don't forget to thank that nice man who was to be scary!

And at the very end of our Goblin path were some very delicious ghoulish treats.....and a very nice Witch too!

Remnants of the Owl Valley Cemetery..........creepy!!
This guy was NOT going to stop us from getting to those treats!

A Goblin in the Garden!

Today I took my little Goblin- well make that "Princess Cinderella" to the Goblins in the Garden Halloween event hosted by Judy Bono owner of The Gardener of the Owl Valley. Thanks Mother Nature for holding off on the rain! We followed a natural path covered with the biggest leaves ever according to "Princess Cinderella"! Our Goblin search looked like this......

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Goblins in the Garden

This photo is the Halloween display at The Gardener of the Owl Valley. Owner Judy Bono- will be hosting a wonderful event on October 31st, Saturday {Halloween Day} from Noon until 4:30. Plenty of surprises and treats as you follow her woodland trail. It's a chance to take your little goblins out and for you to enjoy the outdoors. Her shop is filled with a great selection of home decor items, gifts, jewelry and more!
Don't forget to dress up!!
Goblins in the Garden
Saturday- October 31st Noon- 4:30

I can't help but love Autumn! These photos were taken in Gettysburg while taking an afternoon walk around Little Round Top. The leaves were perfect in color.....the sun was shinning and the scent of fall was in the air! Perfection!

Look for the sign....

I've been told that it's pretty hard to find Simple Dimple Primitives while driving {the speed limit I'm sure!} on Lincoln Highway-West. So I decided to post a picture of the sign- with the big gray cat. You really can't miss the cat. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that a much larger sign will be approved by our township supervisor {aka "The Man"} husband and I know the perfect spot for a new you can't miss no matter how fast or slow you are driving!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Perfect day to enjoy the outdoors......Autumn was surrounding us!
I love afternoons like this.....too bad we can't bring the outside- inside our home! {without having those tiny critters knocking down the door!}

Good night & Sweet dreams in your cozy home!

A sign of Autumn.....

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Our "SALE DAY" should have been titled: "COLD-WET&RAINY SALE DAY".
Or this would have really been a shoppers incentive: the wetter you are- the more you save!?
With the pouring rains and cold cold temperatures our sale day went as planned.
We sold a lot of furniture, and our specialty gift items were a hit!
Another sale will be planned before Simple Dimple goes into "hibernation". I'm sure I mentioned this before.....however, gentle reminders now and then certainly don't hurt! : )

Simple Dimple will be attending a holiday craft show and sale November 7th. More information to come......this is also a way to get readers to "tune in" again! ; )

Stay warm & cozy in your homes....until next time~
Good Night & Sweet Dreams

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Meet "Hildi" created by Jeanne Wagman.
Hildi is dressed her best....hoping to win the Halloween contest!
Gotta love those pointy witchy boots!
Jeanne Wagman~creator for Simple Dimple Primitives
working on the Halloween display. Spooky stuff Jeanne!
**25% off SALE this Saturday!! {10/17}**

Monday, October 12, 2009

What it's all about......

I'm so doing this backwards! I should have introduced Simple Dimple Primitives in the first post on here! Friends of the blogging world suggested I introduce my shop and go from there.
So.....Simple Dimple Primitives is housed in a little red cottage that was built in the early 1950's to compliment the one room schoolhouse that sits across the road from our property. The cottage was used by the {3rd generation} farmers wife. She sold pies, jellies, jams and antique oil lamps. Odd combination of items to sell, but she also gave tours of the farm and told stories of the civil war to tourist coming to and from Gettysburg PA. Our home and cottage sit on the same property. Our home dates back to 1856. Simple Dimple Primitives does not have a website to sell items. Like the well known "brick & mortar" shops......we are "wood & wood"! We would love to have you come in and shop- get to know us!! Here's a little secret......Simple Dimple Primitives will be getting a "face lift" for 2010. The shop will be eliminating it's vintage collection and focus strictly on early antiques, reproductions and primitives. Our creator Jeanne Wagman will be designing primitive dolls, wool penny wheel table runners, dresses and holiday items just to name a few. We will continue to carry Ware Wear Jewelry by M.H. . Simple Dimple Primitives and "friends in the business" partner The Gardener of the Owl Valley will come together in 2010 to host events!
So....backing up to that "little secret", we will be having a huge sale before Simple Dimple Primitives goes into hibernation for the season. We will close our doors for winter the last weekend of November. The sale will start this Saturday October 17th and run until October 23rd. You may e-mail me for more information regarding the sale.
Lastly, I would like to thank my husband- Brent. Without him Simple Dimple Primitives would still be dancing in my I'm dancing inside of Simple Dimple! He believed in me, even at my worst. He's my business advocate, accountant, guide, teacher.......well, you get the picture. Many days when I felt like surrendering the cottage to my teens for a summer fun house.....yeah, what the heck was I THINKING!
Brent continued to encourage me to keep moving on with my dream. Love him!!
Many thanks go out to my good friends & family- LeeAnn, Jeanne,The "O sisters" {Patty & Sharon},Michele & Kathy. And my inspiration came from such blogs as Barn House, Queen of Tarte and Ms. Ember of The Painted Chair. Thanks Ember!! : )
Judy Bono -owner of The Gardener of the Owl Valley......thank you for coming with me on this ride!
And my dear "E" are such an inspiration to me. I love you., do I get the Oscar to go along with my thank you speech?!
Have a happy week!!!!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Come on in....the shopping is fine!! Even our scarecrow "Nancy" is smiling!


More treasures from our Fall Harvest Event. We couldn't have asked for more perfect weather and a great group of shoppers!
Finally getting the hang of this "blogging" stuff!
This is a pic from our Fall Harvest Event- {10/3} with our special guest vendor The Gardener of the Owl Valley.
Owner Judy Bono is on the far right. Judy had a wonderful selection of gifts and home decor to offer. The very cool scarf around her neck is one of her own designs.....which you may purchase at her shop!
The sweet lady in the middle is creator Jeanne Wagman. Thank you Jeanne for all your help and support!!

Friday, October 9, 2009

A visit to The Gardener of the Owl Valley

Today was a perfect day to visit our "friends in the business" The Gardener of the Owl Valley.
Judy Bono~ owner of this adorable shop offers beautiful gifts and home decor. One cannot walk out of her shop without purchasing something!
This weekend, Judy will be hosting a Japanese Tea event at her shop. For more information log onto her website: