Saturday, January 30, 2010

"Love is a canvas furnished by Nature
and embroidered by imagination." ....Plato

The "TEA LADY'S" tea pot and tea cup charm bracelets*
*Wear Ware Jewelry*
E-mail: for more information on jewelry
I decided I would like to have this structure for Simple Dimple Primitives II.

Oh, Baby it's cold outside!

On this last Saturday in January- I decided to spend some quality time in the cottage and do my inventory. What??!! It's cold here in PA today.....and as much as it may seem like I'm whining....I am! It's only the end of January....and while I invite the month of February with all it's red and's velvet heart shaped boxes filled with chocolates......celebrating Valentines Day, my sister-in-law has a birthday and the Chinese New Year.....I will be anxious to begin filling the cottage with new furnishings and decorative items. Cold or not....I am looking forward to a new month.
I've been networking with some wonderful ladies who own small businesses and we are coming up with some very new and exciting ideas for spring and summer events.
There are a few surprises up Simple Dimples sleeves too!

Here's wishing you a very cozy end of January weekend.......
Stay *warm* & cozy!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

January Jump Sale!

Adorable vintage baby jumper- delicate stitching around the collar and pocket- simple belt with tiny white buttons- antique hanger included: $9.00 + tax
For St. Patrick's Day and...........
St. Valentines Day...... Small Peat Pots make great
gifts. Each Peat Pot is painted, embellished with the perfect
ribbon and vintage picture. Great gift idea!
$5.00 + tax {each}

Sampling from Simple Dimple Primitives!

Adorable "fresh strawberries" home grown in January!
Simple Dimple Primitives creator Jeanne Wagman is offering
these little strawberry pinkeeps- for only $1.50 {each} until the end
of February! If you are interested in the entire strawberry box-
there are 8 strawberries - box included for $12.50. Each
strawberry is filled with fine sand to keep your sewing needles
sharp......there are two sizes of strawberries some smaller than
the a natural strawberry!

E-mail: for more information!
Tender "home" moment.......
Oh, let it snow....let it snow....let it snow! *

Following Mrs. Sharp

"Home is where we start from", T.S. Eliot observed. Today a century after he was born, "Home" is the place where may people are longing to return.
In "Mrs. Sharp's TRADITIONS" book, readers may find themselves returning to home.
January might seem bleak after the bright lights of Christmas and Chanukah. But Mrs. Sharp believes this season of King Jack Frost offers families enriching opportunities for "getting to know you" with both healthy outdoor pursuits and relaxed indoor pleasures.

I remember, I remember
How my childhood fleeted by,
The mirth of its December
And the warmth of its July......
_W. M. Praed

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Eating Goober Peas......

"Peas, peas, peas, eating goober peas- goodness how delicious eating goober peas...
When a horse-man passes, the soldiers have a rule- to cry out their loudest "Mr. heres your mule!"
"But another custom, enchanting-er than wearing out your grinders eating
goober peas!"
"Peas, peas, peas, eating goober peas- goodness how delicious eating goober peas!"

My plantation rocker moment

As I mentioned in a recent post~ I love sitting on a plantation rocker!
While relaxing on this dark "apple green" rocker, I was taking in all the sites
and sounds.....when a very not so little visitor came and jumped up
on my lap. I'm a cat lover, so to me, this was a moment of "ahhhh how
sweet!" Within a few seconds I learned that my tabby visitor had no
intension of curling up on my lap.....he wanted my caramel-coffee crumb
cake that my hubby just brought out to me! As you can see by my expression
it was a shock that "Yankee Jake" was pretty determined to grab a corner of
my cake......and all along, I thought it was my lovin' he wanted. Oh, well....
He never got my cake.....but he did get some lovin'.
Side porch of the "Lightener Farmhouse Bed & Breakfast".

* * * * * * * *

While searching for Antique Samplers....I found this one
on an antique site......I've never seen anything like this before.
I am not a collector, but when I occasionally find a sampler that
really catches my eye- I can't help but think of the person who created such time
consuming art work! I've never been one for needle point, cross stitch,
or anything that has to do with needle and thread. Let's just say, I'm lucky if
I can sew on a button! But I do love and admire the work and skill that goes
into samplers. Last evening, I found myself watching the Antique Road Show.
A woman from Georgia was on with her great-great aunts sampler- and it was in
perfect condition! That particular sampler went for $3,000. I'm not thinking I'll
be purchasing any samplers any time soon! But you must admit, they are a beautiful
work of art.

Now Hiring!

Now hiring for the following positions:
Painting and Cleaning
fetching the occasional cup of joe for the boss lady

Friday, January 8, 2010

* * * * * * * *

* Snow on the pumpkin*
A welcoming wreath for a Williamsburg door
Time worn cupboard.....LOVE this piece!
Perfect early setting........

The Romance of the 1800's

If there would be any other time period I would like to have lived in- it would be the 1800's. I read about it, I decorate from that period, I admire the hard work in both men and women and I love the fact that family values and strong morals existed. I'm sure like in todays society- there were those dark and not so happy places.....broken families..... horrible illness and crime.
However, I would much rather focus on the romantic era I get my decorating inspiration from. As I look at the photo above- and inspect the sod covered home that was probably freezing in the winter and unbearably hot in the summer. I see two sweet toddlers and the family dog. The word "homestead" makes me smile with a warm tingle. Living so close to Gettysburg, I find myself still oooowing and ahhhhing every time we pass through or stop for dinner with friends. I drag my husband around the historic home area as if it were our first visit. I stand in awe at the buildings- the beauty in each brick and gingerbread arch. The wooden doors of deep olive and brown colors with a simple door handle that looks as if it should be on a playhouse for a child. My personal favorite buildings are those of the simple farmer. These homes sit along the road surrounded by the battlefield. The farmhouses are preserved in their time. Chipped white washed picket fencing. The home is framed by wheat fields in the fall and ox eyed daisies in the spring and summer. If I close my eyes- I can imagine myself rocking on one of the wooden plantation rockers that sit on the small wooden porch, sipping lemon aid. Simply wonderful. Simple lifestyle.
Simply's the romance of the 1800's for me.
Stay Cozy*

Let's meet for coffee!

I love meeting my friends for coffee and tea.....but can you imagine back in the 1800's making a "coffee date" or "kids play date"?! I picture myself heading to the local coffee & hard tack establishment in this style. Of course I wouldn't have the BMW of horse travel....I would have the simple sure footed mule! So......who's up for a coffee date?!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Oldie but Goodie

Another good find! While rummaging through a box of "stuff" I found this vintage 1974 Women's Circle Home Cooking cookbook! It's the size of a Readers Digest, filled with recipes and "Mother knows best" information! This good find belonged to my Mother.
She must have saved it for a Mother would say "I save certain items for a reason, my dear"!
But she is no Pack-Rat......she just knows what she likes thats all! {giggling}
While my parents "down size" their home- I continue to find "goodies". If I only appreciated fine china, dainty lace & silk, Australian crystal and Italian decor I would be set, but I only ever had eyes for the cracked, old, rusty & dusty antiques of the 1800's. I'll keep this cute little cookbook.....the fun part will be cooking with my oldest daughter!
Until next time.....
Stay warm & cozy*

A few of my favorite things.......

I love the movie "The Sound of Music". My favorite song is
"My Favorite Things".
As I was putting my Christmas decorations away- {pouting} I started humming that tune.....and as I was humming -way off key- may I add.....I pulled out one of my favorite paintings my father painted for me.
I love the simplicity.....but my favorite part of this painting is that my father created it with his very own hands. He wasn't an artist by trade. For his retirement gift my mother "sent" him to a local art academy and he's been painting ever since. This particular painting is titled; "Quiet Setting".

Monday, January 4, 2010

A Bird Acknowledgment

Since I can remember I have always been "afraid" of birds. It didn't matter how pretty the bird, or how small....there was fear. I guess I could have played the main character in "The Birds" better than Tippi!
But last Saturday morning as the snow was creating a sparkling white blanket on the ground I noticed my Golden Retriever {Sam} sitting like a statue by the entrance door looking out the window. It appeared to me that Sam was watching the cottage porch maybe hoping for some sweet customers to stop by and make a fuss over him. Next thing I noticed he was quivering with excitement.......what could be making my laziest of lazy dogs SO excited? I didn't want to move from my cozy spot on the couch next to the fire as I sipped hazelnut coffee.......but I did.
When I glanced out the window I saw the most beautiful red tail hawk sitting in my flower bed eating seeds that have dropped from the cottage flower bed. I do keep the dried stalks there for the winter no matter how ugly they appear to be.....I need to help out those feathered things that fear me the most. {I'm quivering now}
As I stood like a statue watching this beautiful raptor I wanted to run for my video camera....or just my camera.....but I couldn't! I'll admit, I had tears in my eyes from this moment......I almost wanted to rap myself in a out and offer her something more to eat. Perhaps Kohr Brothers peanuts.....or sunflower seeds..... a peanut butter sandwich?
Okay...maybe not PB sandwich, but my senses rushed back to me rather quickly realizing she would either fly away as soon as I would step onto the porch to take her picture.....or she would fly at me in full attack mode. {Quiver}
It was only 20 minutes.....but it seemed like forever while I stood there watching my new friend the Red Tail Hawk. She would fly from my cottage porch to the flower bed- to the dog wood tree back to the flower bed. I found myself watching with a huge smile on my to my lazy dog Sam who was no longer quivering but drooling.....I forget at times he is a "bird dog" by nature. I patted my sweet Sam on the head telling him to calm down, this bird is not for chasing. While Sam gave up on thinking the door would magically open so he could go on a mission and chase this rather large toy.......the wonder of it all ended quickly when my other dog with a mission to protect -our German Shepherd Dog {Heidi} felt it was time to wake from her morning slumber and patrol our cozy home. That's when she noticed the hawk from our window. With a few huffs and puffs....a couple new friend flew away. I did NOT pat Heidi on the head and say it was okay....I actually huffed and puffed at her. No success in taking a picture and no success of my new feathered friend coming back-even after she would realize the furry intruder inside the house wasn't a real threat.
I hope someday she returns. Out of all the critters that hang around Simple Dimple Primitives I wouldn't mind a Red Tailed Hawk being my mascot, it beats the groundhogs that can be destructive! I'm so thankful that I did get up from my cozy spot on the couch.....and so thankful that I now have a better appreciation and can acknowledge Gods creatures- no matter how fearful they may be {to me} they are all beautiful.

Stay Cozy*

A Sweet and Inspiring Read.....

Dance While You Can is a sweet and inspiring read....
You can't help but smile, cry and laugh {maybe even dance}
while reading this little book of reminders.
It's a must for your coffee or tea book collection! by: Lance Wubbels


What I now look like after the Holidays!