Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Christmas is coming......

Every year when the holiday season approaches I find myself trying to "fit in" more "stuff".
Whether it's more decorating, more events for Simple Dimple or volunteering for charity, it seems I can never "FIT" in all the "STUFF"!
This year I am dedicating more time for charitable events. My oldest daughter and I will be assisting our church with wrapping presents for city residents who are less fortunate. I have been packing my car with clothes, toys and gently used blankets for homeless shelters and still I'm feeling as if I'm not doing enough!
With all that, I can honestly say that what has been taking place in my wee little world is wonderful. I'm happy, healthy & wise {or make that witty} ha ha ha!

Simple Dimple Primitives will be at the Red Lion B&B one last weekend for their holiday show.
I'm proud to announce the show has been a success! This show was easy for me- I didn't really need to "work" at all.....but there is nothing like having your own little shop to sell items that reflect who you are and what your shop is all about. That's the fun part! As I closed up shop for the season I found myself wishing April would be right around the corner- but then I slapped myself back into reality and reminded myself I've got some work to do!
I plan to keep you all up to date on the face lift of Simple Dimple Primitives!!
Until then- enjoy this cozy day. It's raining here in PA, but I have a toasty fire burning as my wee-one sleeps on the couch with Piglet. : )

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