Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Cozy up with Carl's Christmas

"Good Dog Carl" books have always been my favorite to read- and not just to the youngsters. During my days teaching pre-k and kindergarten, I always packed my Carl books into my teacher backpack for circle time! My beloved Bella was a pure bred Rottweiler-she wasn't as famous as Carl.....well, I wouldn't have said that to her- Bella WAS famous in her own way. She was the neighborhood socialite, the mail mans best friend {and that is the truth, he brought her treats every morning}, my room mate & cozy up baby during the winter months in our little city home. I continued reading Carl books to my oldest kiddo's and now to my youngest daughter who enjoys looking at the beautiful pictures in all Carl books. Alexandra Day is a very talented lady!
I'm not even sure I have a favorite Carl book......however, Carl's Afternoon in the Park is probably one, but wait.....there's Good Dog Carl, Carl goes Shopping, Carls Birthday, Carl makes a Scrapbook......well, you get the picture! >^..^<

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