Sunday, December 20, 2009

A Neighborly Thing......

Today during this Wintery Sunday, my husband decided to finish clearing our long driveway out with his "toy" snowblower. After an hour, I called everyone in to have a country style eggs with thyme, sage sausage, country wheat bread, oj and hazelnut coffee. Yum. While eating in our cozy kitchen, we couldn't help but watch our young neighbors try to plow their way out of a deep driveway that was completely closed by the snow plows during the night. My husband walked over with his snow blower and assisted the young man with his driveway. We never had the chance to meet this young couple....they are new to our area and since we do not live in a "neighborhood"- there are no block parties, or neighborhood block watch committees where neighbors meet one another. So today was the day!
2 hours ago there was a knock on our was the young neighbor. He and his wife were baking Christmas cookies and decided to deliver a dozen delicious cookies!! I love this time of year.....and it's so much fun meeting other folks in the snow! Remember acts of kindness all year long!
Stay warm and cozy*

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  1. Loved that hubby helped plow out the neighber. Letting his light shine brightly to someone in need--that's what it's all about.