Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Oldie but Goodie

Another good find! While rummaging through a box of "stuff" I found this vintage 1974 Women's Circle Home Cooking cookbook! It's the size of a Readers Digest, filled with recipes and "Mother knows best" information! This good find belonged to my Mother.
She must have saved it for a Mother would say "I save certain items for a reason, my dear"!
But she is no Pack-Rat......she just knows what she likes thats all! {giggling}
While my parents "down size" their home- I continue to find "goodies". If I only appreciated fine china, dainty lace & silk, Australian crystal and Italian decor I would be set, but I only ever had eyes for the cracked, old, rusty & dusty antiques of the 1800's. I'll keep this cute little cookbook.....the fun part will be cooking with my oldest daughter!
Until next time.....
Stay warm & cozy*

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