Friday, January 8, 2010

The Romance of the 1800's

If there would be any other time period I would like to have lived in- it would be the 1800's. I read about it, I decorate from that period, I admire the hard work in both men and women and I love the fact that family values and strong morals existed. I'm sure like in todays society- there were those dark and not so happy places.....broken families..... horrible illness and crime.
However, I would much rather focus on the romantic era I get my decorating inspiration from. As I look at the photo above- and inspect the sod covered home that was probably freezing in the winter and unbearably hot in the summer. I see two sweet toddlers and the family dog. The word "homestead" makes me smile with a warm tingle. Living so close to Gettysburg, I find myself still oooowing and ahhhhing every time we pass through or stop for dinner with friends. I drag my husband around the historic home area as if it were our first visit. I stand in awe at the buildings- the beauty in each brick and gingerbread arch. The wooden doors of deep olive and brown colors with a simple door handle that looks as if it should be on a playhouse for a child. My personal favorite buildings are those of the simple farmer. These homes sit along the road surrounded by the battlefield. The farmhouses are preserved in their time. Chipped white washed picket fencing. The home is framed by wheat fields in the fall and ox eyed daisies in the spring and summer. If I close my eyes- I can imagine myself rocking on one of the wooden plantation rockers that sit on the small wooden porch, sipping lemon aid. Simply wonderful. Simple lifestyle.
Simply's the romance of the 1800's for me.
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  1. Oh, I know what you mean!!!...We have a historical district here and it is so much fun to drive through the streets and see all the architecture and ambience of the old homes...Or traveling the back roads and seeing the old farmhouses...Oh, the stories the walls could tell....