Tuesday, January 12, 2010

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While searching for Antique Samplers....I found this one
on an antique site......I've never seen anything like this before.
I am not a collector, but when I occasionally find a sampler that
really catches my eye- I can't help but think of the person who created such time
consuming art work! I've never been one for needle point, cross stitch,
or anything that has to do with needle and thread. Let's just say, I'm lucky if
I can sew on a button! But I do love and admire the work and skill that goes
into samplers. Last evening, I found myself watching the Antique Road Show.
A woman from Georgia was on with her great-great aunts sampler- and it was in
perfect condition! That particular sampler went for $3,000. I'm not thinking I'll
be purchasing any samplers any time soon! But you must admit, they are a beautiful
work of art.

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