Saturday, January 30, 2010

Oh, Baby it's cold outside!

On this last Saturday in January- I decided to spend some quality time in the cottage and do my inventory. What??!! It's cold here in PA today.....and as much as it may seem like I'm whining....I am! It's only the end of January....and while I invite the month of February with all it's red and's velvet heart shaped boxes filled with chocolates......celebrating Valentines Day, my sister-in-law has a birthday and the Chinese New Year.....I will be anxious to begin filling the cottage with new furnishings and decorative items. Cold or not....I am looking forward to a new month.
I've been networking with some wonderful ladies who own small businesses and we are coming up with some very new and exciting ideas for spring and summer events.
There are a few surprises up Simple Dimples sleeves too!

Here's wishing you a very cozy end of January weekend.......
Stay *warm* & cozy!

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