Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My plantation rocker moment

As I mentioned in a recent post~ I love sitting on a plantation rocker!
While relaxing on this dark "apple green" rocker, I was taking in all the sites
and sounds.....when a very not so little visitor came and jumped up
on my lap. I'm a cat lover, so to me, this was a moment of "ahhhh how
sweet!" Within a few seconds I learned that my tabby visitor had no
intension of curling up on my lap.....he wanted my caramel-coffee crumb
cake that my hubby just brought out to me! As you can see by my expression
it was a shock that "Yankee Jake" was pretty determined to grab a corner of
my cake......and all along, I thought it was my lovin' he wanted. Oh, well....
He never got my cake.....but he did get some lovin'.
Side porch of the "Lightener Farmhouse Bed & Breakfast".

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