Monday, January 4, 2010

A Bird Acknowledgment

Since I can remember I have always been "afraid" of birds. It didn't matter how pretty the bird, or how small....there was fear. I guess I could have played the main character in "The Birds" better than Tippi!
But last Saturday morning as the snow was creating a sparkling white blanket on the ground I noticed my Golden Retriever {Sam} sitting like a statue by the entrance door looking out the window. It appeared to me that Sam was watching the cottage porch maybe hoping for some sweet customers to stop by and make a fuss over him. Next thing I noticed he was quivering with excitement.......what could be making my laziest of lazy dogs SO excited? I didn't want to move from my cozy spot on the couch next to the fire as I sipped hazelnut coffee.......but I did.
When I glanced out the window I saw the most beautiful red tail hawk sitting in my flower bed eating seeds that have dropped from the cottage flower bed. I do keep the dried stalks there for the winter no matter how ugly they appear to be.....I need to help out those feathered things that fear me the most. {I'm quivering now}
As I stood like a statue watching this beautiful raptor I wanted to run for my video camera....or just my camera.....but I couldn't! I'll admit, I had tears in my eyes from this moment......I almost wanted to rap myself in a out and offer her something more to eat. Perhaps Kohr Brothers peanuts.....or sunflower seeds..... a peanut butter sandwich?
Okay...maybe not PB sandwich, but my senses rushed back to me rather quickly realizing she would either fly away as soon as I would step onto the porch to take her picture.....or she would fly at me in full attack mode. {Quiver}
It was only 20 minutes.....but it seemed like forever while I stood there watching my new friend the Red Tail Hawk. She would fly from my cottage porch to the flower bed- to the dog wood tree back to the flower bed. I found myself watching with a huge smile on my to my lazy dog Sam who was no longer quivering but drooling.....I forget at times he is a "bird dog" by nature. I patted my sweet Sam on the head telling him to calm down, this bird is not for chasing. While Sam gave up on thinking the door would magically open so he could go on a mission and chase this rather large toy.......the wonder of it all ended quickly when my other dog with a mission to protect -our German Shepherd Dog {Heidi} felt it was time to wake from her morning slumber and patrol our cozy home. That's when she noticed the hawk from our window. With a few huffs and puffs....a couple new friend flew away. I did NOT pat Heidi on the head and say it was okay....I actually huffed and puffed at her. No success in taking a picture and no success of my new feathered friend coming back-even after she would realize the furry intruder inside the house wasn't a real threat.
I hope someday she returns. Out of all the critters that hang around Simple Dimple Primitives I wouldn't mind a Red Tailed Hawk being my mascot, it beats the groundhogs that can be destructive! I'm so thankful that I did get up from my cozy spot on the couch.....and so thankful that I now have a better appreciation and can acknowledge Gods creatures- no matter how fearful they may be {to me} they are all beautiful.

Stay Cozy*


  1. A delightful read about your emotional confrontation with your Fear...Good For You Lisa!!!
    I on the other hand truly am not in Fear of our Winged Creatures...I will hold, pick up the injured, (even if it means getting pecked at in the eye, which I have. I've been told by my daughters that 'Someday Mom, your really going to get hurt'...Till that day, I guess I'll just keep on doing what I do in hopes that I don't go Blind!!!
    Happy your Golden boy had a Great view from the Door that gave him some excitement for the day.
    AND the hawk will most likely reappear in desperation for FOOD...
    It takes a strong person to admit their Fear and you faced it beautifully...
    Oh, I DO Love your photo of the GROUNDHOG in your other Post!!! Very Funny...

    My Best Always~Marilyn

  2. Thank you Marilyn.......I'm thrilled you enjoyed my story- as well as your understanding. I will be looking out for my new feathered friend.....I will try next time to snap a photo-quietly! YOU be careful while assisting and protecting out there! Each time I have a bird encounter I will think of you.
    Thanks for reading! Stay warm & cozy*

    Lisa : )